Projects & Programs

Throughout the past 15 years, SFSD has promoted the participation and empowerment of Egypt’s most underprivileged by focusing on Training for Employment, Education, Micro-credit, Health, Community Development and Cultural Awards.

With the launch of 273 initiatives and more than EGP 700 million invested, SFSD has impacted the lives of over 170,000 Egyptians in 23 governorates by empowering individuals and improving conditions in local communities.

Training for Employment Projects

Unemployment and job creation are among the most important challenges facing policymakers in Egypt today. In light of this persistent problem, SFSD has created and developed its training for employment program over the years to train youths and equip them with skills that result in employment. Through cooperating with the partners in development: NGOs, government and private sector, SFSD seeks to empower young people by providing them with real capacity building opportunities so that they become effective individuals in their communities.

Micro-Credit Projects

To encourage entrepreneurship and raise awareness of the concept of self-employment, SFSD established an independent Micro-Credit Department dedicated to financing and developing the capacity of micro-credit programs run by NGOs. The program offers both individual and group loans, to help the disadvantaged start their micro - enterprises or expand existing small businesses. Loans are usually accompanied by technical assistance and training in business management and accounting. Beneficiaries learn how to manage their loans, carry out a project feasibility study and are given a basic understanding of relevant legislation and marketing procedures.

Health Care Projects

Improving the wellbeing of local community members has been one of the Foundation’s primary priorities since its inception. We strive to ensure that Egypt’s most disadvantaged citizens can access proper healthcare facilities, preventative care, medical treatment and surgery. We have invested in 21 healthcare projects throughout the country focusing on diabetes care and diabetes prevention, trachoma, cancer treatment and hepatitis C awareness and treatment.

Community Development Projects

When community members work together, share resources, collaborate on creative projects, and advocate for one another, communities flourish and new opportunities for human development emerge. Therefore, we have invested more than EGP 113 million on 28 local community development projects that promote cultural activities, infrastructure development, and support programs for the marginalized. 

 Scholarships & Educational Programs

Believing in education as a driving engine for sustainable development, the Sawiris Foundation provides 38 scholarship programs at home and abroad, to encourage and support outstanding students who wish to pursue their right to a quality education.  Sawiris Foundation’s scholarships are offered in a wide array of study fields and are managed in collaboration with well-reputed academic institutes and universities both nationally and internationally.

Sawiris Cultural Award

In 2005, SFSD launched the Sawiris Cultural Award to recognize excellence in the literary works of Egyptian emerging and established authors.Since its inception, the award has significantly contributed to the artistic enrichment of cultural life in Egypt, and has occupied a prominent standing among Arab and other local awards.